Naomi by UF

In progress

A new character
I started (almost done) to make a new girl)
This is her official outfit, but maybe I'll change it.
Most likely I'll post it today or tomorrow.
I also try to do something new)

Я начала (почти закончила) делать новую девушку)
Это ее официальный наряд, но может быть я его изменю.
Скорее всего я ее выложу сегодня или завтра.
Также я стараюсь сделать кое-что новенькое)



Coming soon

If everything is not as much as I'd like, maybe I will lay out its


I have a bit of news. After 2-3 days, I'm going to rest, so that the update can not be. I'm sorry. Of course if I can not go, the blog will work as usual.
UPD: My trip transpired, so I'll leave in a week